Sign a petition to save NYC Compost Program

As co-operators, it’s safe to say we’re friends of community composting. But recently announced city budget cuts may completely eliminate the NYC Compost Project, Food Scrap Drop-Off Sites, Community Composting, and Outreach for the city’s Curbside Composting / Brown Bin program. Please consider signing this petition to urge NYC’s mayor, sanitation commissioner, and city council to halt the elimination of community compost programs. 

Link to the petition:

Community composting ensures 8.3 million pounds of organic waste are processed locally and diverted from landfill each year, and provides 325+ community groups with thousands of pounds of finished compost to enrich our street trees and green spaces while preventing flooding and erosion. Furthermore, there cannot be a successful Curbside Composting program in New York City without the outreach, education, and support provided by community composters. Thank you for your support!