Hip Pop

Bags of Hip Pop popcorn

We’ve got the following Hip Pop popcorn flavors in stock:

* Vegan caramel corn
* Onion dill
* Paprika smoked sea salt

It’s veganly organic, started in the hood of Williamsburg. Hip Pop is made 100% from coop ingredients and popped in coconut oil.

A Fun Way to Use Plantains

Ripe Plantains

I was so excited to see plantains at the co-op a couple of weeks ago because I finally got the chance to try out this recipe from The Kitchenista Diaries for plantains stuffed with black beans and cheese. 

One of my favorite things about shopping at the co-op is the high quality seasonal produce. These plantains were grown in Mexico and sold through Organics Unlimited, an organization known for its strong commitment to social responsibility. Their Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers (GROW) program helps provide clean drinking water and educational, dental and vision services for farm workers and their communities.

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Seasonal treasures from both near and far

Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are sustainably harvested for the co-op by a forager we’ve worked with since 2012. He and his team forage in Ulster County, NY, and the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They take only a small amount from each patch and hike high into the mountains to ensure that easily accessible fields aren’t overharvested. This is the last week of the season — ramps will return in spring 2020. Looking forward, there will be locally grown garlic scapes in June and cured cloves of garlic by mid-August.

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Lavva Yogurt

Lavva Yogurt

One of our newest products is Lavva yogurt. It’s a delicious vegan and gluten-free yogurt made with coconut, lime, plantain, cassava, and the southeast Asian Pili nut. See the Lavva website for more information.

Bulk Dry Goods

Shelves of ried herbs and spices.

We stock a variety of bulk products, including beans, grains, nuts, spices, herbs, and teas. Below is a sample of our selection on June 20, 2019, which may vary from our current inventory. Call ahead to make sure we have what you need before making a long trip to the coop.

Beans and Lentils

Price per Pound
Adzuki Beans 2.78
Black Turtle Beans 2.88
Kidney Beans, Red 2.86
Lima Beans 3.07
Mung Beans 3.21
Navy Beans 2.94
Pinto Beans 2.46
Soybeans 1.79
French Indigo Lentils 2.75
Green Lentils 2.46
Red Lentils 2.67
Black-Eyed Peas 2.99
Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) 2.58
Green Split Peas 1.76
Yellow Split Peas 1.73

Cereals, Grains, and Pastas

Name Price Per Pound
Buckwheat Groats, Raw 3.06
Kasha (Roasted Buckwheat) 4.25
Cranberry Cashew Granola 5.93
Goji Granola 5.93
Hemp Plus Granola 5.59
Just Granola (Gluten Free) 6
MU MU Muesli 5.52
Couscous, French Whole Wheat 2.3
Barley 1.34
Cornmeal, Medium Grind 1.29
Farro bulk 2.84
Kamut Berries 3.14
Millet 1.38
Polenta (Coarse Cornmeal) 1.5
Rye Berries 1.8
Spelt Berries 2.13
Gluten-Free Rolled Oats 1.98
Rolled Oats 1.36
Steel Cut Oats 1.37
Whole Groats Oats 1.61
Penne, Brown Rice 4.89
Penne, Semolina 3.05
Penne, Whole Wheat 3.05
Sfoglini Porcini Trumpets bulk 5
Sfoglini Ramp Fusilli bulk 5.75
Sfoglini Saffron Malloreddus bulk 5
Soba 4.05
Spagetti, Brown Rice bulk 4.89
Spirals, Brown Rice 4.89
Udon 4.19
Popcorn, White 3
Quinoa, Red 3.59
Quinoa, White 3.54
Basmati Brown Rice 2.72
Basmati White Rice 3.6
Brown Long Grain Rice 3.32
Brown Short Grain Rice 2.95
Forbidden Black Rice 4.37
Jasmine Brown Rice 3.12
Sweet Brown Rice 3.32
Wild Rice 10.95


Name Price Per Pound
Blonde Blend Coffee (Light Roast) 10.43
Decaf Breakfast Blend Coffee 14.25
Espresso Blend Coffee 10.88
Girma Eshetu bulk (Unity Coffee) 16.1
Nicaraguan Coffee (Dark Roast) 10.43
Peruvian Coffee (Medium Roast) 10.88
Unity Coffee packaged 9.75

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Price per Pound
Apple Rings 11.25
Dried Turkish Apricots 5.18
Dried Cherries, Tart 16.43
Shredded Coconut 3.24
Dried Cranberries 9
Himalayan Dates 4.73
Medjool Dates (Four Seasons) 8.79
Black Mission Figs (Dried) 8.39
White Turkish Figs (Dried) 6.75
Crystallized Ginger 5.93
Goji Berries 12.38
Dried Mango 10.73
Mulberries, Golden 8.18
Prunes 9.68
Raisins, Thompson 3.5
Sun-Dried Tomatoes 9.68

Flours and Powders

Name Price Per Pound
All Purpose White Flour 1.52
All Purpose Whole Wheat Flour 1.56
Bread Flour, Whole Wheat 1.44
Brown Rice Flour 2.09
Buckwheat Flour 1.44
Coconut Flour 3.88
Oat GF Flour 1.94
Pastry Flour, Whole Wheat 1.38
Rye Flour 1.44
Spelt Flour 1.29
Baking Powder 18.41
Baking Powder 18.41
Baking Soda 1.67
Cacao Powder, Raw (Ace Natural) 8
Cocoa Mix 9.99
Dark Chocolate Chips 6.75
Nutritional Yeast 11.16
Organic, Fair Trade Non-alkalized Cocoa Powder 22.5
Vegetable Broth Powder 16.88

Nuts and Seeds

Name Price Per Pound
Chocolated Covered Almonds 19
Raw Sicilian Almonds 13.13
Tamari Almonds 12.4
Cashews, raw, pieces 10.13
Cashews, raw, whole 12.53
Curried Cashews 14.63
Roasted Salted Cashews 13.65
Hazelnuts 12.25
Brazil Nuts 15.92
Cacao Nibs, Raw 10.13
Cajun Mix Nuts 15.75
California Mix 11.48
Go Take A Hike Mix 10.43
Go The Distance Mix 10.43
Maple Mixed Nuts, Roasted 16.13
Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts 15.22
Tierra Trail Mix 7.43
Peanuts, Dry Roasted 4.67
Pecans, Raw 17.93
Pine Nuts 28.2
Pistachios, salted 12.21
Pistachios, unsalted 12.21
Chia Seeds 3.98
Flax Seeds, Golden 2.69
Hemp Seeds 19.43
Pumpkin Seeds, Austrian (Pepitas) 8.93
Sunflower Seeds 2.81
Black Sesame Seeds 3.72
Brown Sesame Seeds 3.36
Walnuts, Raw 13.12

Spices and Herbs

Name Price per Pound
Allspice powder 17.25
Anise (Star) Pods 25
Arrowroot Powder 10.25
Ashwagandha Root 20
Astragalus Root Slices 23
Barley Grass Powder 23.75
Basil Leaf, Dried 19.5
Basil, Holy Basil (Krishna) 14.75
Bay Leaf 32.75
Bee Pollen 59.75
Burdock Root 21.25
Cacao Nibs, Roasted 20
Cacao Powder (Mountain Rose Herbs) 16.25
Calendula Flowers 27.75
Caraway Seed 11
Cardomom Pods 45
Cardomom Powder 43.75
Carob Powder (Raw) 13.5
Cayenne Powder 14.75
Chamomile Flowers 32
Chili Flakes 14.25
Chipotle Powder 31
Cinnamon Sticks 18
Cinnamon (Cassia) Powder 14.75
Cinnamon, (Sweet) Powder 29.5
Clove Powder 32.25
Cloves 30.75
Comfrey Leaf 15
Coriander Powder 13
Coriander Seed 11.5
Cumin Powder 17.25
Cumin Seed 16
Curry Blend Powder 16
Dandelion Root 29
Dill Weed 20.75
Dong Quai Root 37.25
Echinacea Angustifolia Root 39.75
Elder Berries 26.25
Fennel Seed 10.5
Fenugreek Seed 11.5
Garam Masala Blend 25
Garlic Granules 19.25
Ginger Root Powder 18.75
Herbs de Provence Blend 24
Hibiscus Flowers 16
Irish Moss 31.25
Lavender Flowers 29.5
Lemon Balm 26.25
Lemongrass 19.25
Licorice Root 19.75
Maca Root Powder 23.75
Marjoram 14.75
Mediterranean Seasoning Blend 20
Milk Thistle Seed 18
Moringa Leaf 23.75
Mullein Leaf 19.25
Mustard Seed 10.5
Nettle Leaf 19.25
Nutmeg Powder 42.25
Oatstraw 18
Onion Granules 14.25
Oregano, Dried 20
Paprika Powder 18
Parsley Leaf, Dried 17.5
Pau d’Arco Bark 13.5
Pepper, Black 26
Peppercorns, Black 26
Peppermint Leaf 18
Pink Rose Buds 52.5
Poppy Seeds 14.25
Psyllium Husk 14.75
Raspberry Leaf 15.5
Reishi Mushroom 29.5
Rosehips 16
Rosemary Leaf, Dried 14.25
Sage Leaf 21.25
Sage, White Ceremonial 27.75
Schisandra Berries 45
Skullcap 35.25
Slippery Elm Bark 27
Soap Nuts 12
Spearmint Leaf 19.25
Spirulina Powder 34
St. John’s Wort 16
Stevia Leaf 18.75
Tarragon Leaf 45.5
Thyme Leaf, Dried 20
Turmeric Root Powder 14.75
Vanilla Bean 180
Wheatgrass Powder 25
Witch Hazel Bark 20.5
Yarrow Leaf & Flower 16.75
Yellow Dock Root 22


Name Price per Pound
Assam Tea 24
Blossoms of Health Tea 35.25
Chai Tea, Original 31.5
Darjeeling Tea 33.5
Earl Grey Tea 25
English Breakfast Tea 23.75
Evening Repose Tea 32.75
Happy Tummy Tea 32.75
Hibiscus High Tea 27.5
Honeybush Tea 21.25
Kukicha Twig Tea 31.5
Moon Ease Tea 32.75
Oolong Tea 44.25
Peace Tea 34
Rooibos Tea, Green 17.25
Rooibos Tea, Red 20
Sencha Leaf Tea, Green 59.75
Vanilla Black Tea 34
Vita Blend Tea 24
Yerba Mate 17.25