Zero-Waste Personal Care and Cleaning Products

We have a large selection of bulk/refillable personal care and cleaning items, along with Zero Waste reusable alternatives. Below is a list of prices from April, 2023, but our inventory may vary so please call ahead to make sure we have what you need before making a long trip to the coop. Prices may change at any time. For suggestions and questions, please write

Bulk non-food section at the coop (May 2023)

Soap bars & all-purpose soaps

Soap Bar (Sappo Hill): Almond, Cucumber, Lavender, Oatmeal, etc)2.74/unit
Soap Bar (Vermont)4.15/unit
Liquid Castile Soap (Dr. Bronner’s) 8.80/lb
Liquid Castile Soap (Vermont Soap) 6.25/lb
Liquid Sunshine all-purpose soap (Vermont)6.09/lb
Pure Soap Flakes (only soap flakes, make your own recipes!)15.56/lb

Dish Soap

Liquid Dish Soap (Ecos): pear / fragrance free3.50/lb
Ecover Dishwasher tablets $7.82/pack

Laundry detergent

Liquid Laundry Detergent (Ecos) 2/lb
Laundry Powder bulk (Nellie’s)3.32/lb
Laundry Powder bulk (Pure Soap Flakes–1 spoon/load) 8.19/lb
Fragrance Free Laundry sheets (Tru Earth) 0.80/sheet

Hair & Skin Care

Shampoo Bar (Auromere) 6.70/unit
Conditioner Bar (Attitude) 13.25/unit (4oz)
Shampoo Bar (Attitude) 13.25/unit (4oz)
Liquid Shampoo & Body Wash (Attitude) bulk 9.49/lb
Shea butter bulk7.65/lb
Mineral Sunscreen (Attitude)$17.50

Oral Care

Tooth Powder (Uncle Harry) bulk22/lb
Ecozied Floss (vegan and biodegradable) $5
Uncle Harry Tongue cleaner $5

Menstrual Products

Gladrags reusable cotton pads (assorted sizes) $7.42-$9.40
Lunette menstrual cups (size 1 & 2)$23.50

Reusable Containers / Utensils

Glass jars (assorted sizes and shapes) $1.15-$6.50
Glass spray bottle 16oz $11.41
Bamboo Utensil set (To Go Ware)$9-$12
Stainless steel tea infuser (various sizes)
Soap dish hardwood$2.40

Reusable cleaning products/tools

Bamboo dish brush $5.71
All purpose scrub brush $7.63
Coconut sponges/scour pads $4.08
Walnut scour pads$3.67
Cleaning cloths $4.08-$6.78

Reusable Bags

Compostable tote bags $1.95
Reusable shopping bags (Chicobags)$8.45-$9.10
Reusable organic cotton produce bags $2.39-$3.17
Full Circle reusable produce bags $1.65-$1.90