Get ready for the summer with Stream2Sea Suncreen!

Made with EcoSafe Zinc™, Stream2Sea’s Every Day Mineral Sunscreen is tested and proven safe for people and our waters.

Source: Sea2Stream

This non-greasy & non-comedogenic formula is enriched with an antioxidant blend + turmeric to protect, nourish and restore even the most sensitive skin daily. It is safe to use for destinations with sunscreen bans like Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Palau.

Free of oxybenzone, avobenzone, parebens, octinoxate, SLS/SLES.


Bread Alone, Monday June 24

Hey there! Check out our fabulous bread lineup this week! For sliced options, we’ve got the wholesome Whole Wheat Sourdough at just $6.70 per loaf, perfect for sandwiches and toast enthusiasts alike. If you prefer to slice up your own masterpiece, we have the iconic San Francisco Sourdough available at $6.99 each, ready to be the star of your next meal. Come grab a loaf and treat yourself to some artisanal goodness!

Discover our Canaan Fair Trade Products from Palestine

Photos: Canaan (

The co-op has been selling products from Canaan Fair Trade since 2018. In 2021, Canaan increased their wholesale pricing due to low yields from the 2020 olive harvest and the impact of COVID-19 on their business and the family farm cooperatives they work with across 52 villages in Palestine. Pricing has slightly increased in 2024 in response to a difficult 2023 olive harvest impacted by violence in the West Bank, roadblocks, and movement restrictions.

In order to support Palestinian farmers and offer their goods at a fair price to shoppers, the co-op sells Canaan products at slightly above wholesale cost (with no additional shopper discounts at the register).

More information:

  • Olive Oil (Jenin, Rumi, and Nabali) – from $23.95
  • Maftoul (bulgur couscous, 8.8 oz.) – $7.55
  • Za’atar (herb and spice blend, 2.3 oz.) – $5.95
  • Freekeh (roasted green durum, 8.8 oz.) – $7.55 (currently out of stock)

Bread Alone Delivery Tuesday, May 28

Greetings, Devotees of Delicious Bread!

This week’s delectable deliveries will be on Tuesday, May 28th, as we honor Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th. Our lineup features the ever-popular San Francisco Sourdough in its unblemished glory, the wholesome and hearty Whole Grain Health, expertly sliced for your convenience, and the delightful Nine Mixed Grain, also available in convenient slices.

A loaf of our uncut bread is yours for only $6.99, while our meticulously sliced varieties are priced at just $6.70 per loaf.

Celebrate Bike Month in May

Ride your bike (or other wheels) to the coop in May, and get an 8% discount on your whole purchase (valid on all items)!

Illustration: Dorothée Pierrard

Members of cycling advocacy organizations (such as @Transportation Alternatives, @WE Bike NYC, @Time’s Up!, @Recycle-A-Bicycle, @Bike New York, etc.), and people coming to the coop on (non electric) bikes, trikes, unicycles, rollerblades, skates, or skateboards will receive an 8% discount at the 4th Street Food Coop in May. Be ready to save!

Thank you for joining our general meeting!

Thank you to all the members who joined our annual in-person meeting on Sunday! It was great to see the energy coming from a lot of new members as well as the long-term ones.

Lots of great ideas have emerged to improve our co-op and keep being the best (and only!) member-run, open to the public, cooperative, organic, zero-waste, local, vegetarian/vegan, affordable, and welcoming store in the East Village!

Thank you @P&T Knitwear for hosting!