Get ready to celebrate Bike Month in May

Ride your bike (or other wheels) to the coop in May, and get an 8% discount on your whole purchase (valid on all items)!

Illustration: Dorothée Pierrard

Members of cycling advocacy organizations (such as @Transportation Alternatives, @WE Bike NYC, @Time’s Up!, @Recycle-A-Bicycle, @Bike New York, etc.), and people coming to the coop on (non electric) bikes, trikes, unicycles, rollerblades, skates, or skateboards will receive an 8% discount at the 4th Street Food Coop in May. Be ready to save!

Thank you for joining our general meeting!

Thank you to all the members who joined our annual in-person meeting on Sunday! It was great to see the energy coming from a lot of new members as well as the long-term ones.

Lots of great ideas have emerged to improve our co-op and keep being the best (and only!) member-run, open to the public, cooperative, organic, zero-waste, local, vegetarian/vegan, affordable, and welcoming store in the East Village!

Thank you @P&T Knitwear for hosting!

Sign a petition to save NYC Compost Program

As co-operators, it’s safe to say we’re friends of community composting. But recently announced city budget cuts may completely eliminate the NYC Compost Project, Food Scrap Drop-Off Sites, Community Composting, and Outreach for the city’s Curbside Composting / Brown Bin program. Please consider signing this petition to urge NYC’s mayor, sanitation commissioner, and city council to halt the elimination of community compost programs. 

Link to the petition:

Community composting ensures 8.3 million pounds of organic waste are processed locally and diverted from landfill each year, and provides 325+ community groups with thousands of pounds of finished compost to enrich our street trees and green spaces while preventing flooding and erosion. Furthermore, there cannot be a successful Curbside Composting program in New York City without the outreach, education, and support provided by community composters. Thank you for your support!