Produce Delivery, Monday 11/01 + Tuesday 11/02

Monday, 11/01 | Ace Natural
Arugula, Baby — Arizona/California
Carrots — California
Parsley, Italian — California
Pears, Concorde — Oregon/Washington State

Four Seasons Produce
Apples, Arkansas Black — Oregon
Apples, Fuji — Washington State
Apples, Northern Spy — Oregon
Avocados, Hass — Mexico
Bananas, Fair Trade — Ecuador/Peru
Broccoli Rabe — California
Dill — California
Kale, Lacinato — California
Lemons — Mexico
Lettuce, Green Butter — California
Mangoes, Keitt — California
Mushrooms, Cremini — Pennsylvania (LOCAL)
Mushrooms, Royal Trumpet (King Oyster) — Pennsylvania (LOCAL)
Mushrooms, Shiitake — Pennsylvania (LOCAL)
Pears, Red Bartlett — Washington State
Persimmon, Fuyu — California
Pomegranates — California
Rosemary — California
Thyme — Colombia
Zucchini — Florida

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (Lancaster County, PA)
Cabbage, Green
Peppers, Jimmy Nardello (Sweet)
Potatoes, Yukon Gold
Squash, Red Kuri
Sweet Potatoes, Garnet
Sweet Potatoes, White

Tuesday, 11/02 | Hudson Harvest
Brussels Sprouts — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Potatoes, Adirondack Blue — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Scallions — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Spinach — Milton, NY (LOCAL)

All orders are scheduled to arrive by early afternoon on their respective days. Please note that items may be out of stock at the time of delivery. All of our produce is grown to meet or exceed organic standards.