Produce Delivery, Friday 11/05 + Saturday 11/06

Friday 11/05 | Ace Natural
Avocados, Hass — Mexico
Cucumbers, Slicing — Mexico
Kale, Lacinato — California
Lemons — Mexico
Mushrooms, Cremini — Pennsylvania (LOCAL)
Oranges, Valencia — USA/Mexico
Peppers, Red Bell — Mexico
Zucchini — Mexico

Mushrooms, Oyster — Rhode Island (LOCAL)

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative
Broccoli — Lancaster County, PA (LOCAL)
Lettuce, Red Romaine — Lancaster County, PA (LOCAL)
Pineapple — Costa Rica
Squash, Honeynut — Lancaster County, PA (LOCAL)

Saturday 11/06 | Prospect Hill Orchards
Apples, Enterprise — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Apples, Goldrush — Milton, NY (LOCAL)

NY-grown rainbow chard and beefsteak tomatoes arrived yesterday from Project EATS and are in good supply.

All orders are scheduled to arrive by early afternoon on their respective days. Please note that items may be out of stock at the time of delivery. All of our produce is grown to meet or exceed organic standards.