Produce Delivery, Monday 9/13

Four Seasons Produce:
Apples, Pink Pearl — Oregon
Arugula, Baby — Arizona/California
Artichokes, Globe — California
Avocados, Hass — Mexico
Blueberries — Peru
Celery — California
Dill — USA
Figs, Black Mission — California
Grapes, Green Seedless — California
Kale, Lacinato — California
Lemons — Mexico
Mushrooms, Shiitake — Pennsylvania (LOCAL)
Oranges, Valencia — California
Rosemary — USA
Spinach, Baby — Arizona/California
Sprouts, Sunflower — New York State (LOCAL)
Sweet Potatoes, Japanese — California
Thyme — USA
Regional Access:Radishes, Daikon — New York State (LOCAL)

Carrots — USA/Canada
Mushrooms, Cremini  — Pennsylvania (LOCAL)

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (Lancaster County, PA):
Bok Choy, Baby
Cabbage, Red
Peppers, Orange Bell
Potatoes, Yukon Gold
Squash, Kuri
Tomatoes, Beefsteak
Watermelon, Red Seedless

*The following items were ordered for today’s delivery, but ended up out of stock: cilantro, cucumbers, grapefruit, lettuce, and zucchini. These will be ordered for Tuesday depending on vendor availability.

The Four Seasons and Regional orders are scheduled to arrive in the morning, while the Baldor and Lancaster orders will arrive in the afternoon. All of our produce is grown to meet or exceed organic standards.