Organic Apple, Blueberry, and Coconut Pies

Jen’s Little Pies are delicious, delectable little treats that we’ll start selling Saturday March 23rd for $6 each. These apple, blueberry, and coconut pies are made with organic ingredients available at the co-op, except for the organic wild blueberries that are not available in the store.

Three apple pies
Apple pies

Apple Pie Ingredients

Filling: apple, heavy cream, cane sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon
Crust: flour, butter, water
Topping: pecans, butter, heavy cream, cane sugar

Three blueberry pies
Blueberry pies

Blueberry Pie Ingredients

Filling: wild blueberries, heavy cream, cane sugar, flour, cinnamon, salt
Crust: flour, butter, water

Three coconut pies
Coconut pies

Coconut Pie Ingredients

Filling: eggs, butter, cane sugar, vanilla, lemon juice, coconut
Crust: flour, butter, water