Bread Alone: February 26 Delivery

Dive into Bread Alone’s Finest Selections!

Our Crown Jewel, Nine Mixed Grains – Sliced. This bread features nine cracked grains and seeds for a deep, rich, nutty flavor with no added sugar.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic wheat flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic cracked nine grain mix (organic hard red wheat, organic hulled barley, organic rye, organic triticale, organic hulled millet, organic corn, organic brown rice, organic steel cut oat groats, organic brown flaxseed), salt, yeast.

Image: Bread Alone

Whole Grain Health – Sliced. A 100% whole wheat bread sweetened with honey and packed with organic sunflower, flax, and hemp seeds, which provide a distinct, nutty flavor.

Ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, filtered water, organic honey, organic flaxseed, organic sunflower seed, organic hemp hearts, salt, yeast

San Francisco Sourdough – Uncut. This classic west coast sourdough has great chew and tangy flavor from long, cool fermentation reminiscent of the Bay Area.

Ingredients: organic wheat flour, filtered water, salt.

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  • Sliced: $6.70
  • Uncut: $6.99

adapted from Bread Alone website