Get ready for the summer with Stream2Sea Suncreen!

Made with EcoSafe Zinc™, Stream2Sea’s Every Day Mineral Sunscreen is tested and proven safe for people and our waters.

Source: Sea2Stream

This non-greasy & non-comedogenic formula is enriched with an antioxidant blend + turmeric to protect, nourish and restore even the most sensitive skin daily. It is safe to use for destinations with sunscreen bans like Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Palau.

Free of oxybenzone, avobenzone, parebens, octinoxate, SLS/SLES.


Discover our Canaan Fair Trade Products from Palestine

Photos: Canaan (

The co-op has been selling products from Canaan Fair Trade since 2018. In 2021, Canaan increased their wholesale pricing due to low yields from the 2020 olive harvest and the impact of COVID-19 on their business and the family farm cooperatives they work with across 52 villages in Palestine. Pricing has slightly increased in 2024 in response to a difficult 2023 olive harvest impacted by violence in the West Bank, roadblocks, and movement restrictions.

In order to support Palestinian farmers and offer their goods at a fair price to shoppers, the co-op sells Canaan products at slightly above wholesale cost (with no additional shopper discounts at the register).

More information:

  • Olive Oil (Jenin, Rumi, and Nabali) – from $23.95
  • Maftoul (bulgur couscous, 8.8 oz.) – $7.55
  • Za’atar (herb and spice blend, 2.3 oz.) – $5.95
  • Freekeh (roasted green durum, 8.8 oz.) – $7.55 (currently out of stock)

New Spices with Burlap & Barrel

A few weeks ago, we added Burlap and Barrel single-origin spices to our selection (most of our teas, herbs & spices are from Mountain Rose). They are available in small-sized glass containers or larger plastic containers, unfortunately not yet available in bulk from this supplier.

Are these packaged spices organic, although none of them are labeled as organic?

You asked, and we reached out to our supplier. Here’s the answer we received: “Most of these packaged spices are grown organically, with some certified by local or European agencies. However, organic certifications are expensive – often too costly for independent farmers to afford. We are working with partner farmers to help them obtain organic certifications. This is why our labeling does not reflect the organic growing process.”

Discover our BULK Pure Soap Flakes products

Pure and natural, plant-based, cleaning and laundry products. Free of additives, enzymes, fragrance, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Made in Minnesota. More info:


Pure Soap Flakes: Small, translucent, crystal like, silky flakes of pure Castile soap concentrate that are saponified from a signature blend of organic vegetable oils of coconut and Smude Sunflower Seed. Melts in water to create a liquid soap, and can be used for bathing, cleaning or laundry; great for people with sensitive skin, babies, and pets! $15.56/lb

Laundry Powder: A special formulation of ground Pure Soap Flakes, aluminum free baking soda, and washing soda. Can be used in HE, front and top loading washing machines. Only 1 tablespoon per load! 2 tablespoons for extra large or soiled load and 3 for super soiled. Add 1 Cup 3% hydrogen peroxide or 1 tablespoon oxygen bleach (sodium percarbonate)
with whites as a natural bleach / Add 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar in the rinse to naturally
condition and soften clothes if needed. $8.19/lb

BULK Dishwasher tabs: Can be used to clean coffee pots too. Ingredients : Baking Soda, Borax, Citric Acid, EcoBleach, Himalayan Salt, Solar Salt and Washing Soda. Shipped in paper bag. Wrapper free. Directions : Toss 1 cube in to automatic dishwasher per cycle.
Fantastic for drains and septic! $9.95/lb

Do you know about arrowroot powder?

Arrowroot powder (or flour) is derived from the root of a tropical plant called Maranta arundinacea. It can replace corn starch as a thickening agent, but it is not derived from (often genetically modified) grains, and is obtained through a more natural process. Arrowroot powder can also be mixed with other flours for gluten-free baking. And it has multiple health benefits!

Try it for $4.67/lb (in bulk).


More information:

New Snack available in bulk: Roasted Soy Beans!

We now offer Roasted Salted Soya Beans in bulk. Great as an appetizer and zero-waste snack option. Lightly salted, high in protein and fiber, vegan and gluten-free. Can be mixed with dried fruit and other nuts! Available at $5.52/lb. Grown in the U.S. and delivered by Tootsi Impex U.S.A.

Source: Tootsi Impex U.S.A.

New Product: Jade Green Pearl Rice

Try our new Jade Green Pearl Rice, made from organic short-grain rice (a.k.a sushi rice, grown in China) infused with bamboo concentrate. This rice has a moist texture, a delicate taste, and a great light green color from the chlorophyll in the bamboo!

Delivered by Tootsi and available in bulk for $7.22/lb.

Organic Jade Green Pearl Rice (Source: Tootsi Impex)

Cooking tips:

  • Do not rinse it! Rinsing can remove the bamboo, which dulls the dolor.
  • 1.5 to 1 water to rice ratio
  • Simmer 15 to 20 minutes. Just cook until the water is absorbed.
  • Steam covered for 5 minutes. This final step is important to get the right texture. Jade rice is moist and stickier than a standard white or brown rice.

Adapted from:

We now have cassava flour!

Also called manioc or yuca, cassava flour is gluten-free and grain-free (made from cassava root), and one of the best replacement for wheat flour because of its starchy content. Our cassava is organic and produced in Brazil. Available at $4.19/lb.

You can try it in simple recipes such as waffles and pancakes, or delicious 5-min tortillas.

Cassava Flour Tortillas (Source:

(Sources: Bob’s Red Mill and

Don’t make toilet paper out of trees, make a tree out of toilet paper!

Discover Who Gives a Crap‘s Limited edition 100% bamboo toilet paper!

“These 48 double length, 3 ply rolls stack to create an eco-friendly tree that gives the happiest room of your home the festive treatment. Wrapped with cheerful ornaments and hidden surprises, this toilet paper makes even the grinchiest go to the bathroom with glee.” (Picture:

$1.66/roll. The company donates 50% of its profits to build toilets around the world. More details: