Seasonal treasures from both near and far

Ramps, also known as wild leeks, are sustainably harvested for the co-op by a forager we’ve worked with since 2012. He and his team forage in Ulster County, NY, and the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They take only a small amount from each patch and hike high into the mountains to ensure that easily accessible fields aren’t overharvested. This is the last week of the season — ramps will return in spring 2020. Looking forward, there will be locally grown garlic scapes in June and cured cloves of garlic by mid-August.

Francis mangoes
Our co-op is excited to carry fair-trade Francis mangoes from Haiti. Also known as Madame Francique mangoes, these are juicy, aromatic, and only available in the U.S. from late April through June. Ataulfo and Tommy Atkins mangoes will be available through the summer, and Keitt mango season will start in September.