Teas, Coffee & Spices

Shelves of dried herbs and spices.

Below is our selection of teas, coffee, spices, and herbs, with updated prices (in April, 2023). Most of these products are supplied by Mountain Rose Herbs (based in Oregon). Our inventory may vary, so please call ahead to make sure we have what you need before making a long trip to the coop. For suggestions and questions, please write drygoods@4thstreetfoodcoop.org.


NamePrice per Pound
Assam Tea37
Berry Bramble Tea38
Blossoms of Health Tea31
Chai Tea, Original37
Darjeeling Tea46.25
Earl Grey Tea40
English Breakfast Tea40
Evening Repose Tea35.25
Herbal Coffee Blend31
Hibiscus High Tea29
Honeybush Tea21
Kukicha Twig Tea23
Moon Ease Tea32.5
Oolong Tea31
Peace Tea38
Rooibos Tea, Green22.75
Rooibos Tea, Red22.75
Sencha Leaf Tea, Green46.5
Vanilla Black Tea40
Vita Blend Tea24.25
Yerba Mate18


NamePrice Per Pound
Blonde Blend Coffee (Light Roast)12.37
Espresso Blend Coffee10.88
Mexican Coffee (Medium Roast)12.37
Nicaraguan Coffee (Dark Roast)10.43
Peruvian Coffee (Medium Roast)12.37

Spices & Herbs

NamePrice per Pound
Allspice powder18.25
Anise (Star) Pods52
Ashwagandha Root24
Astragalus Root Slices19
Barley Grass Powder37.5
Basil Leaf, Dried17
Basil, Holy Basil (Krishna)13
Bay Leaf55
Bee Pollen61.5
Burdock Root32.5
Calendula Flowers25.5
Caraway Seed11.25
Cardomom Pods41
Cardomom Powder61.25
Carob Powder (Raw)17.5
Cayenne Powder21
Chamomile Flowers33.75
Chili Flakes16.25
Chicory Root17.5
Chipotle Powder32
Chlorella Powder (Japanese)50
Cinnamon Sticks30.25
Cinnamon (Cassia) Powder21
Cinnamon, (Sweet) Powder38.75
Clove Powder38
Comfrey Leaf17.5
Coriander Powder22
Coriander Seed19.75
Cumin Powder24.25
Cumin Seed21
Curry Blend Powder18
Dandelion Root46
Dill Weed38
Dong Quai Root55.75
Echinacea Angustifolia Root47
Elder Berries38
Fennel Seed15.75
Fenugreek Seed10
Garam Masala Blend34
Garlic Granules28
Ginger Root Powder27
Herbs de Provence Blend27
Hibiscus Flowers20
Irish Moss77
Lavender Flowers43.5
Lemon Balm41.5
Licorice Root26
Maca Root Powder16.5
Mediterranean Seasoning Blend20.5
Milk Thistle Seed24
Moringa Leaf17.5
Mullein Leaf17.5
Mustard Seed9
Nettle Leaf25.5
Nutmeg Powder33.5
Onion Granules16.5
Oregano, Dried21.25
Paprika Powder16
Parsley Leaf, Dried24
Pau d’Arco Bark12
Pepper, Black31.75
Peppercorns, Black29.5
Peppermint Leaf28
Pink Rose Buds70
Poppy Seeds22.25
Psyllium Husk21.5
Raspberry Leaf17
Reishi Mushroom40
Rosemary Leaf, Dried15.75
Sage Leaf23
Schisandra Berries70
Sea Salt, smoked21
Slippery Elm Bark61.75
Soap Nuts12
Spearmint Leaf25
Spirulina Powder25.75
St. John’s Wort14
Stevia Leaf17.25
Tarragon Leaf52.25
Thyme Leaf, Dried30
Turmeric Root Powder16.75
Wheatgrass Powder30
Witch Hazel Bark27
Yarrow Leaf & Flower14.75
Yellow Dock Root19.5

Bulk Dry Goods

We stock a large variety of bulk products, including beans, grains, nuts, baking ingredients, gluten-free flours, dried fruit, oils, tofu, olives, spices, herbs, and teas. Below is our selection on June 5, 2023, which may vary from our current inventory. Prices may change at any time. We also have a large selection of bulk/refillable personal care and cleaning items (laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo and conditioner, etc.). Call ahead to make sure we have what you need before making a long trip to the coop. For suggestions and questions, please write drygoods@4thstreetfoodcoop.org.

Bulk dry goods (trail mix)

Beans and Lentils

ProductPrice per Pound
Adzuki Beans3.84
Black Turtle Beans2.50
Beluga lentils4.62
Kidney Beans, Red3.38
Lima Beans3.07
Mung Beans2.59
Navy Beans3.25
Pinto Beans2.60
French Lentils4.14
Green Lentils3.42
Red Lentils3.48
Black-Eyed Peas4.67
Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)3.36
Green Split Peas2.42
Yellow Split Peas2.21


Please look for our bulk items in buckets or jars at the bottom of the fridge!

ProductPrice per lb
Olives (black Kalamata, pitted)13.58
Tofu, extra firm (from Ithaca Soy)2.95
Miso, Mellow white7.85
Miso, Chickpea8.40
Bee Pollen61.50
Dry Yeast7.27

Cereals, Grains, and Pastas

NamePrice Per Pound
Buckwheat Groats, Raw4.65
Kasha (Roasted Buckwheat)3.38
Cranberry Cashew Granola (Gluten Free)6.75
Goji Granola (Gluten Free)6.75
Hemp Plus Granola7.32
Just Granola (Gluten Free)6.45
Muesli (New Englands Naturals)7.17
Couscous (French)3.87
Cornmeal, Medium Grind1.55
Farro bulk2.90
Polenta (Coarse Cornmeal)1.55
Rye Berries1.1
Rolled Oats1.98
Steel Cut Oats1.88
Whole Groats Oats2.75
Penne, Brown Rice5.72
Spirals, Brown Rice5.72
Sfoglini Porcini Trumpets 6.88
Sfoglini Reginetti (semolina)5.50
White Sushi Rice4.65
Popcorn, Yellow2.00
Quinoa, Red3.59
Quinoa, White3.35
Basmati Brown Rice4.20
Basmati White Rice5.31
Brown Long Grain Rice3.32
Brown Short Grain Rice2.96
Arborio Rice6.78
Jasmine White Rice3.78
Sweet Brown Rice3.74
Wild Rice15.00

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

NamePrice per Pound
Apricots (Dried, Turkish)8.03
Cherries, Tart (Dried)18.23
Coconut (Shredded )4.62
Cranberries (Dried )9.00
Himalayan Dates (Pitted)5.93
Medjool Dates11.93
Black Mission Figs (Dried)11.92
White Turkish Figs (Dried)7.50
Crystallized Ginger7.12
Goji Berries (Dried)15.22
Mango (Dried)11.65
Raisins, Sultana4.88
Raisins, Thompson4.45
Bananas (Dried)5.93

Flours, Salt, Sugar, and Powders (cocoa, etc.)

NamePrice Per Pound
All Purpose White Flour1.80
All Purpose Whole Wheat Flour1.80
Vital Wheat Gluten5.82
Brown Rice Flour4.08
Buckwheat Flour2.43
White Rice Flour4.32
Chickpea Flour3.36
Rye Flour1.65
Spelt Flour1.98
Baking Powder18.41
Baking Soda3.62
Cacao Powder, Raw8.53
Cacao Nibs10.13
Dark Chocolate Chips8.85
Nutritional Yeast17.10
Non-alkalized Cocoa Powder17.95
Active Dry Yeast6.83
Upcycled GF 1-to-1 Flour (Renewal Mills)4.93
Upcycled GF Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix6.01
Celtic Sea Salt5.35
Fine Sea Salt1.44
Himalayan Pink Salt2.91
Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice)1.77
Coconut Sugar7.73
Dark Brown Sugar2.43

Nuts, Seeds, and Snacks

NamePrice Per Pound
Chocolate Covered Almonds17.20
Raw Almonds13.43
Sliced Almonds, blanched14.92
Tamari Almonds13.73
Cashews, raw, pieces9.38
Cashews, raw, whole12.83
Curried Cashews14.63
Roasted Salted Cashews13.65
Hazelnuts, raw10.45
Brazil Nuts, raw15.92
Go Take A Hike Mix11.25
Go The Distance Mix11.25
Chunks of Energy11.25
Kelp Crunch Bars (Original / Sesame Ginger)28.12
Sesame Sticks (currently discontinued)11.67
Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts14.63
Peanuts, Dry Roasted6.05
Pecans, Raw19.42
Pine Nuts28.2
Pistachios, salted12.25
Pistachios, unsalted12.25
Chia Seeds6.20
Flax Seeds, Brown3.40
Hemp Seeds15.00
Pumpkin Seeds, Austrian (Pepitas)9.23
Sunflower Seeds5.25
Black Sesame Seeds4.90
Brown Sesame Seeds3.78
Walnuts, Raw10.80

Oils and Bulk Liquids

NamePrice per Pound
Brown Rice Syrup3.91
Coconut Oil6.93
Maple Syrup (Amber Rich / Dark Robust)9.88
Olive Oil, extra virgin (Catania/Gemsa)7.86
Olive Oil, Jenin (Fair Trade)20.75
Sesame Oil, Toasted10.00
Sunflower Oil6.00
Soy Sauce (Tamari)3.59
Vinegar, Apple Cider3.10
Vinegar, Rice2.38
Vinegar, Balsamic6.44


NamePrice per Pound
Dulse Flakes55.30
Dulse Leaf52.60
Kelp (Kombu)43.50
Laver (Wild Atlantic Nori)37.50