Try our zero-waste laundry options!

For clean clothes and a cleaner planet, try out several package-free, sustainable, skin-friendly laundry options:

  • Tru Earth laundry sheets or “eco-strips”: 1 strip = $0.40/load
  • Pure Soap Flakes BULK Laundry powder ($8.19/lb, 1 tea spoon per load = less than $0.15/load) or pure Castile soap flakes ($15.56/lb) to make your own cleaning products
  • Ecos unscented or magnolia lily BULK liquid laundry detergent ($2.65/lb, approximately $0.20/load)
  • Vermont BULK Castile soap
  • Dr Bronner’s BULK Castile soap

Bread Alone Levain Loaf, December 11

Exciting news from yesterday’s Union Square Farmer’s Market find – a Levain loaf (French Sourdough) from Bread Alone! My husband declared it a taste sensation, and it looked so good to me, although I can’t enjoy it myself since I’m gluten-sensitive. I’ve already ordered more for Monday, December 11th. But the joy on his face made it all worthwhile.

Each uncut Bread Alone loaf is $6.99, and the sliced version is $6.70 – a small price for the culinary bliss that awaits us next Monday!

NEW: Organic Soy Protein in Bulk

Embark on a culinary adventure with our latest addition: a bountiful supply of organic SOY TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) in bulk! Brace yourself for VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE goodness, as the sole ingredient powering this kitchen sensation is none other than premium organic soybeans, all at an incredible $7.34/lb!

Photo: Bob’s Red Mill

More information about how to use our TVP (Bob’s Red Mill brand distributed via ACE Natural) here:

Updates on Dry Goods – November 22, 2023

Bulk olive oil ($10.12/lb) is back in stock!

Rolled Oats are regular rolled oats ($2.08/lb) this week. The gluten-free rolled oats are out of stock with our supplier.

Barley berries’ ETA is next week, November 29.

Pistachios’ ETA is Friday, 11/24.

Muesli is out of stock from our current vendor.

Thanksgiving is coming!

Save a bird and try a TOFURKEY recipe with our BULK extra-firm tofu (@ithacasoy). You can find it at the bottom of the fridge for $3.15/lb. Bring your own container(s)!


An example of recipe that you can make with ingredients you can find at the coop, all organic, vegan, almost package-free, and possibly gluten-free:

All BULK ingredients: Extra-firm tofu, Tamari, Vegetable oil, chickpea flour, balsamic vinegar, etc.

Stuffing & seasoning: Bouillon cubes or “Better than Bouillon” paste, tomato paste, onions, celery, bread (could be home-made with our gluten free flours), herbs, pecans, etc.

The co-op in Grub Street: “It tasted like gold”

Musician Kazu Makino referring to the co-op: “Ate a grapefruit. This grapefruit looked like a grandma, so wrinkly, and it tasted like gold. I don’t go to normal stores. I go to this co-op in the East Village […]. They go out of their way to find local produce that is really, really the quality stuff. Things that look ugly but taste so good.”

See full article:

Bread Alone Monday, July 17 Delivery

This week’s Bread Alone selections are San Francisco Sourdough (uncut and sliced), Peasant (sliced), and Whole Wheat Sourdough (sliced). Uncut bread is $6.50 each. Sliced bread is $6.25 each.

Thank you!

Bread Alone delivery – Wednesday, July5

Bread Alone delivery is on Wednesday this week again. Monday and Tuesday delivery were not available. This week’s choices are Whole Wheat Sourdough (Sliced) and San Francisco Sourdough (uncut). Sliced breads are $6.25 each. Uncut breads are $6.50 each.

Thank you!

Bread Alone delivery – Monday June 17

This week’s flavors are San Francisco Sourdough (sliced), Rye Sourdough with Caraway Seeds (sliced), French Sourdough (sliced), and Everything Bagels. Sliced breads are $6.25 each. Bagels are $1.25 each.

San Francisco Sourdough: Organic wheat flour, water, and salt.

French Sourdough: Organic wheat flour, water, organic spelt flour, organic whole wheat flour, salt

Rye Sourdough with Caraway Seeds: Organic wheat flour, water, organic rye flour, organic rye sourdough, organic caraway seeds, and salt.

Everything Bagels: Organic wheat flour, water, liquid malt, organic wheat gluten, organic sugar, poppy seeds, salt, flax seeds, dried onions, sunflower seeds, yeast.