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Closing Twiki

If you haven't heard, it's time to move to the new wiki at https://members.4thstreetfoodcoop.org and say goodbye to Twiki. You'll still be able to login until October 30th, but you'll no longer be able to edit from October 16th. If you haven't logged into the new wiki, do it. Make sure you have access. You must login to access any page. Your account is your first initial and your last name--i.e., Grace Hopper's username is ghopper. Your account is connected to the email you gave to membership when you first joined the coop. If you've never logged in or you've forgotten your password, use the password reset at https://members.4thstreetfoodcoop.org/index.php?title=Special:PasswordReset. If you can't remember your username or you gave a phony email to membership, contact information.technology@4thstreetfoodcoop.org? with a legitimate email you use and your full name. The new wiki also has a MemberGuest? account with the same password as this wiki if you're in a pinch. The new wiki has a new editing format, which isn't hard to learn, but try it and ask for help rather than having a frustrating experience.

Renew Dues

If you didn't receive a renewal notice, we may have incorrect contact info for you. Check the master list in the store for errors, or click below to renew.
Shiftworkers: please help people to renew online here in the store by opening the correct link for them below
Non-Working (Household):$72
Working: $48
Working (Household): $60

**This is a link to view the most updated online list of dues renewals/membership status.

Receiving, pricing and stocking deliveries

Dry Goods

Produce and Cheese

*Having trouble printing? Click here!

Printable signs & clipboard forms

  • Printable clipboard forms - Sign-in, Special orders, Membership forms, Co-op brochures, etc.
  • Generic Signage - Use this google doc to create signs that you can print out and cut out to use where needed. They will fit into shelf signage tracks. Print from the google doc interface. Always choose "landscape" orientation and "stretch to fit"


Search & Utilities

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