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Renew Dues

If you didn't receive a renewal notice, we may have incorrect contact info for you. Check the master list in the store for errors, or click below to renew.
Shiftworkers: please help people to renew online here in the store by opening the correct link for them below

Non-Working (Household):$72

Working: $48

Working (Household): $60

Wiki Migration

IT has started migrating content from this wiki to a new mediawiki installation (hooray!), so you may notice messages at the top of an entry like the following:

WARNING: This section was migrated 1/19/2017. Any edits on or after 1/19/2017 will not be migrated.

This means the section is scheduled for migration or has already been migrated. Any edits after the date will not be carried over to the new wiki. Please do not remove or edit these comments.

If you want to help out (it's a lot of cut, paste, reformat), please get in touch with IT.

We'll likely start new wiki training in February. Thanks for your patience.

- Jen 2017/01/19

Receiving, pricing and stocking deliveries

Dry Goods

Produce and Cheese

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Printable signs & clipboard forms

  • Printable clipboard forms - Sign-in, Special orders, Membership forms, Co-op brochures, etc.
  • Generic Signage - Use this google doc to create signs that you can print out and cut out to use where needed. They will fit into shelf signage tracks. Print from the google doc interface. Always choose "landscape" orientation and "stretch to fit"


Search & Utilities

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