December 2016

The ethics working group (EWG) seeks to ensure that our products and community engagement are in line with our cooperative values related to health, the environment, and the humane treatment of people and animals. As the sole food co-op in Manhattan, and moreover a community committed to providing ethically and sustainably produced products, the EWG promotes the co-op’s role as crucial community resource. To this end, the EWG prepares and provides information about the benefits of local/organic/fair (direct) trade goods. Further, the EWG works facilitates dialogue among co-op members regarding choices of products and, when necessary, mediates internal disagreements. It also strives to create productive partnerships with community organizations that share our values, and will engage on the political level with organizations that work for a healthier and more humane planet.

Please click here for more information on cooperatives and our values in general.

Please help by becoming a member of the 4th Street Food Co-op and feel free to contact us about products you’d like to see or those you have concerns about, as this is always a work in progress.

-- - 4 Dec 2016

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